Experienced Full Stack Web Developer

I’ve been doing this longer than I care to admit. My trade has expanded from building static HTML sites in the early/mid-90’s, to dynamic, LAMP stack powered sites in the early 2000’s, to the fully interactive, dynamic javascript powered sites we have come to expect today.

My experience ranges from working for established brands with decades of history, to new upstarts looking to disrupt the established brands. I enjoy building things using a myriad of technologies, including WordPress, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Mongo, Javascript and it’s numerous frameworks.

Notable Projects

Celgene Clinical Trial Finder – developed for Nucleus Global (2016)

The Celegene Clinical Trial Finder is a single page web application. Written in Angular 1.6, and utilizing MongoDB for data storage and retrieval, hosted on a NodeJS backend. This application is deployed on large (50 inch) touchscreens at medical conferences.

Recode Podcasts – developed for Re/code (2015)

Section of Re/code’s website responsible for cataloging of the various podcasts that Re/code published. Built using WordPress, Javascript and SASS. Hosted on WordPress VIP.

Sports Illustrated SI.com – developed for Time Inc. (2014)

Complete ground up rebuilt of SI.com using Drupal 7, MySQL, Coffeescript, D3, Gulp and SASS. Hosted on Acquia.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Microsift – developed for Time Inc. (2014/2015)

Microsite for SI Swimsuit. Built using HTML5/Javascript/PHP/MongoDB. Highly tuned site designed to handle massive server load.