Disable ESLint for a file

I love ESLint. I really do. But sometimes it feels like an abusive relationship.

Developer: Look, I just need this built to complete so I can get this task done and go on vacation.
ESLint: No. Here’s a bunch of things you need to fix.
Developer: What the hell! 10 errors in SomeJSFile.js? I didn’t even touch that file! How did that code get in the repo?
ESLint: Not my problem, pal. Fix it.

Sometimes you just need to tell ESLint to look the other way so you can get the job done. And for that, there’s this:

/* eslint-disable */

Put this line of code at the top of your file, and ESLint will look the other way.

Just make sure you enter a ticket to fix that garbage code at a later date.

By Ted

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