Moving On

After nearly 4 years at Sports Illustrated (first via Turner and then via Time Inc.), I have moved on.

I met some of the smartest and nicest people I’ve ever worked with while working for both Turner and Time Inc. on the Sports Illustrated project. I learned lots of valuable information on how super high traffic sites are built and hosted. It was a huge departure from the earlier places I worked, where you never really had to consider what happened to your site when 5,000,000 people visit in just a few hours.

While with SI at Turner, I managed one of the finest teams of web developers ever assembled. When I shifted to Time Inc., my title and focus changed and I was back in the trenches writing code again. Fun projects like Swimsuit 2014 were exhausting, but gratifying. Other projects, like the SI relaunch on Drupal were opportunities to learn a new platform (though not nearly quite as fun) and expand my skill set.

Working on Sports Illustrated was a tough gig. The sports world doesn’t keep 9-5/M-F hours, and as such, you often find yourself on call during nights and weekends. That sort of expectation to be ‘on’ takes it’s toll on you, and eventually, you look for things to do that aren’t quite as demanding.

I’ll always value the time I had at SI and the people I worked with, above all else.

As for where I’ve landed… I’m the new Manager of Digital Engineering for Re/Code.

By Ted

Longtime web developer, part time photographer and musician. Born in the north, came of age in the south. Lover of open source web technologies and user/supporter of Wordpress.

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